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Providing the ultimate

travel planning experience

from start to finish


Your dream vacation begins here!
Love4Traveling LLC is a full service travel agency and wedding planner trained, accredited and certified to plan any land or cruise destination around the world!

We specialize in any size group travel, honeymoons, destination weddings or any customized vacation planning. If you are in need of park and event tickets, ground transportation and car rental or international airfare, we are here for you.

We offer international travel guidance, wedding consultation, group travel consultation and corporate travel consultation.

We love repeat and new clients and look forward to Making Your Vacation Possible!

" Once a year, go

someplace you've

never been before."

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Meet Nikki Journey

Nikki Journey is a new travel agent who has a passion for adventure and discovery. She loves to help clients find the best travel options for their needs and interests.

Whether you want to visit the ancient Mayan temples of Belize, take in the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas, or the scenic islands of Barbados, Nikki can help you book your flights, hotels, tours, and activities. Nikki has traveled to several countries and has a lot of personal tips and recommendations to share. She can also help you with travel documents, health and safety precautions, and local customs and etiquette.

Nikki is a friendly and professional travel agent who always puts her clients first. She is constantly updating her knowledge and skills to provide the best service possible. Nikki believes that travel is a way to enrich your life and broaden your horizons.

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Meet Brandy Ferguson

Brandy is the proud owner of Love4Traveling, LLC.  She has a passion for helping others and a customer service background that is remarkable!  She has been traveling since she was a child and always had a zeal for seeing the world!  She decided to become a professional in the travel and wedding industry to make dreams come true for others.  She puts an extra touch of care on each client that she meets.  She wants to make sure your vacation or wedding planning is elite from start to finish! 

Thank you for allowing her to make your dreams possible!

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Meet Tanisha J Adams
Tanisha Johnson Adams is a dynamic individual with a passion for both education and travel. Hailing from the heart of Indiana, she has dedicated her full-time efforts to the field of education, shaping young minds and contributing to the growth of future generations.

In addition to her role in education, Tanisha wears another hat as a part-time Travel Agent. Her love for hospitality and a deep-rooted passion for travel have seamlessly blended into a second career, where she thrives on helping others achieve their travel goals. Tanisha believes in the transformative power of travel experiences and is committed to assisting others in creating memorable journeys.

With a background in hospitality, Tanisha understands the essence of creating welcoming and enriching environments. Her philosophy revolves around valuing experiences over material gifts, encouraging everyone to take that well-deserved vacation. For Tanisha, travel is not just a leisure activity; it's a means of broadening perspectives, fostering connections, and creating lasting memories.

If you're looking for someone who combines the warmth of hospitality with the excitement of travel, Tanisha Johnson Adams is your go-to person. Let her expertise guide you in turning your travel dreams into unforgettable reality

Meet Adgereana (AJ) Miller

Affectionately known as AJ, AJ has over 15 years of dedicated customer service expertise, rooted in a foundation laid in the vibrant hospitality industry! AJ's  journey into the world of travel began as a young girl with cherished adventures across the US, Canada, and even Germany alongside her grandmother. This fostered a deep appreciation for exploration and cultural immersion. Her favorite vacation destination by far is the Caribbean!  She has a true passion for people and a dedication to always going the extra mile.

AJ is excited to learn all she can to ensure your travel experiences are not just seamless, but truly unforgettable as you embark on your next journey!

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Meet Kendra Warne

Kendra is Love4Traveling's Executive Assistant. She has a Bachelor's degree focused in Tourism and Event Management from Indiana University-Purdue University (Indianapolis). She has a passion for traveling herself and is excited to assist other's in doing the same!

We would love to plan your next adventure.

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